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A picture of the stage from last night s

This all started with the love of music.  I played Drums in school and guitar.  I never liked being on the stage, but I liked the tech side.  I worked off and on with local bands learning the trade in the early 90's.  In 93 I attended Music Tech in Minnapolise MN. for Recording Engineering.  The studio isn't my thing.  I like the live (one chance one shot) to get it right.  After Collage I travel the US for about 4 years.  After making no money really I moved back to Southeast Iowa and started a dream i had for many years.  I didn't get into live sound to be a production guy but here I am.

In 2001 I started Thunder & Lightning Productions.  It has been one wild ride.  Buying everything with every dollar I earn.  Putting every dollar back into the company.  I have grown every year even if it's just small. 


2010 was a rough year.  my gear was struck my lightning at a festival and lost A LOT of it.  Not missing a show or a note,  My team and I kept it moving.  We struggles for a few years replacing things as we could..


2017 was a game changer for us.  We added the Stageline Sl260 to our line up and started providing moblie staging. 

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